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Updated: Optimizing WinPE for SCCM

Update 10.5.2016: New PowerShell based Script, Power Management included

There are some challenges, when you have to troubleshoot problems in WinPE. To improve the troubleshooting process I created a prestart package which solves these points:

  • Set the current Time. (MiniWebService is required)
  • Set Keyboard Layout
  • Set All Disk Except Disk 0 to Offline
  • If SAN Disks are connected stop
  • Copy Tools (CMTRACE/WMIExplorer/DevManView)
  • Set PowerPlan to Heigh Performance


  1. Copy the Package to your DeploymentShare\SoftwarePackage\BIOS\Customer_WinPETools_1.00_ML_x99_005
  2. If you would like another keyboard layout you can change that in the WinPEPreRun_005.ps1
  3. Modify your WinPE Package to run
    powershell.exe -executionpolicy bypass -file WinPEPreRun_005.ps1 -FqdnCMServer server01.contoso.local

    as prestart command and to contain the files from (DeploymentShare\SoftwarePackage\BIOS\Customer_WinPETools_1.00_ML_x99_005)

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